A Guide On Virtual Assistant Hourly Rates

Are you looking to escape the 9-5? Do you want to earn enough to live a better life? Well, you don’t have to worry about anything as the solution is quite simple.

You can work as a virtual assistant by sitting anywhere in the world. Read my intro on Virtual Assistant here: Introduction to Virtual Assistant

All you need for this job is necessary skills for a particular job. You can work from anywhere.

In simple words, the virtual assistant is an independent contract worker who can work from anywhere to provide administrative, technical or creative services.

Responsibilities of a virtual assistant are same as a manager or office secretary. You don’t have to go office, but you can manage to work from home. A virtual assistant needs a phone, computer and fast internet connection to complete the job. Check out some money-making Virtual Assistant niches in this article.

A virtual assistant is responsible for handling different tasks. You can earn enough by working online. A virtual assistant can charge per hour for the services provided by him. There are different types of the virtual assistant. Let’s have a look at various types of virtual assistants and their hourly rates.

Data Entry

As the name of category shows that this job is related to data entry. This job is quite simple for a virtual assistant.

You only have to handle the data entry tasks by sitting in your home. It is easy to work anytime to complete the task. You can earn fix hourly rates for any project.

Hourly rate of data entry virtual assistant ranges from $6 to $25 or more depends upon the expertise level. You can earn enough by completing simple data entry tasks.

Data Mining/Online Research

This category involves virtual assistants who are skilled enough to get the job done that is related to data mining or online research.

Virtual assistants who can complete such jobs are more likely to earn enough. All you need is some necessary skills regarding data mining.

Depending upon the level of expertise and skills a new data mining virtual assistant can make $12 minimum per hour. Expert virtual assistant having experience in this field can make almost $50 per hour.


If you have Photoshop skills, then you are more likely to get hired for a job related to photoshop work.

Photoshop virtual assistants are more likely to get nominated for a post soon.

All you need for this job is knowledge and understanding of Photoshop. You must be familiar with all the features of this tool to meet the specific requirements of a client.

A photoshop virtual assistant can earn $10 to $20 per hour. If you think you are good with photoshop, then you should work as a virtual assistant. Your photoshop skills can help you to earn by sitting in the comfort of your home.


There is a huge demand in the market for the commercialization virtual assistant. You have to increase the sales of a product online.

In this particular job, you are required to handle the promotion of any product. A marketing virtual assistant is helpful to manage all the marketing strategies and plans.

You can earn $15 to $50 or more per hour by working as a marketing virtual assistant.

Databases & CRMS

Database and CRM is a type of virtual assistants who are skilled enough to complete this job.

In this category, a virtual assistant is responsible for creating, manage and update the database.

Those having necessary skills related to databases and customer relationship management are more likely to get hired.

A virtual assistant can provide all the necessary services related to this category. From $10 to $40 per hour, a virtual assistant can earn a fixed price for an hour. Your hourly rates will automatically increase depending upon your expertise level.


It is a job for virtual assistants who are skilled enough to write about anything.

It involves the creativity of a person who can write the best possible content on anything. It also requires other services like proofreading, editing and report writing.

A virtual writing assistant can earn $15 per hour or more depend upon the level of expertise. If you are creative enough to create a unique content or handle jobs related to writing & editing, then this job is perfect for you to work from home.

Working as a virtual assistant isn’t difficult, but it is necessary to have some necessary skills to fulfil the demands of your clients. If you are good at something, then you should work as a virtual assistant. Many different types of virtual assistants are working and earning a good amount on the hourly basis.

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