How Much Money Can A Virtual Assistant Make?

Just like many other industries, the industry of remote jobs and virtual positions is growing significantly, with more and more people gaining access to the internet and more and more people signing on to offer services of different kinds.

The overall freelancing and virtual job industry has evolved very much and now people who work as freelancers and virtual position holders are able to not only enjoy wages per project, but can also get hourly, weekly , or monthly fixed salary packages.

The evolution of this community has become so vast that every sub niche has its own rates and pay scale brackets based on the nature of work and the hours that it will require to complete.

Freelancers in general can be paid anywhere from, $10 to $15 and above at average based on the different natures of jobs.

Some jobs obviously pay more and some fall just below the $10 mark however, in general the average or median pay rate starts at $10 per hour.

This is lower for those who are fresh in the industry as compared to more experienced people. It also makes a difference if you have a certain qualification that is unique to the niche in which you start working.

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General Virtual Assistant


If you are looking to start working as a general virtual assistant, then what you need to keep in mind is the fact that this is a wider scope job and by that effect this job should ideally pay more.

While in the freelancing and virtual work industry you are free to ask for any kind of a pay scale as you like, there are still industry norms that have to be kept in mind.

The median pay for a general virtual assistant is from $15 to $30 per hour, based on locations and the tasks that are required by the client.

Having a degree or certification in typing, business communication and managements skills will help in a getting a higher pay rate per hour and will also benefit you at the end of the year in terms of annual wages.

Legal Virtual Assistant

The legal virtual assistant area requires a person to have a legal degree or a para legal degree to be selected.

It is also helpful if you have a certification of some sort as this job requires knowledge of the law and legal proceedings. People who are working as legal virtual assistants have to develop and maintain case files, file cases online, prepare for court hearings and complete a lot necessary paper and communication work.

The median pay per hour for a legal assistant is from $30 to $35, and at average the virtual legal assistant makes between $35000 and $50,000 per year working part time.

If a freelancer has a relevant degree the pay scale will increase and it will also go up based on the number of months and years that you keep working and gain experience.

Financial Virtual Assistant

Similar to the world of legal assistants, the financial virtual assistant also requires technical qualifications and a working knowledge or book keeping and financial modeling.

People who work as financial assistants are required to handle the day to day cash flows, made and develop financial models, understand and manage the profit and loss of the client and also advise on investments and funds.

In keeping with this the number of hours worked per week range from 40 to 45 hours, and consequently the rate of pay varies from $30 to $ 35 per hour.

Technology Virtual Assistant

A person working as a technology virtual assistant has the main job of providing online and computer or networking based support to the client and their business if they have one.

The main role involves a lot of online time and being able to share a very strong and reliable internet connection that cannot be hacked and is safe, it also involves making oneself available at different time slots depending on location.

In keeping with this aspect of the job the average pay for a technical assistant is anywhere between $30 to $45 per hour and the hours worked can be anywhere between 40 to 60 per week.

Writing and Proofreading Virtual Assistant


Writing and proof reading is a fairly young niche in which people hire personal assistants and the main job role is that simple, writing content themselves or reading and editing content that is written and submitted by others.

In both cases the rate of pay is based on either hours worked or number of words that are written or edited. The average rate that is currently being offered in the market is $1 to $1.5 per 100 words written or read and edited.

On average writers make 500 word article deals for a nominal fee.

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