More Niches You Can Go Into As A Virtual Assistant

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The term virtual assistant refers to a person who would take on the task of helping another person with their day to day tasks with regards to either their business or their own personal life or even some specific project from time to time.

The virtual aspect applies that you do not have to be in a particular office to do this job, in fact you do not even have to be in the same country to do the job, you can literally work from anywhere in the world for anyone located anywhere.

This industry has evolved into a very large network and even with the realm of virtual assistance, people can very easily find several niches that they can work in, and gain experience.

Commonly seen niches

The most common niches in this industry involve, technical jobs like finance and accounting, information technology, presentations, writing and communication, social media and marketing, business administration and even slightly higher end jobs like medical and legal assistants.

Amongst these niches it is important to bear in mind that many of them will require that a person has some kind of a qualification or a certification that is related to the niche itself so that the niche can attain a higher quality of resources and people who get hired have a better chance at good wage rates as well that can meet those of a full time career.

Finance and Accounting Niches

This is a fairly popular niche and is most saturated by people who have a background in finance and accounting or even by students who are currently completing their education.

Why most people prefer to hire students and younger people is that they are able to get quality work from such individuals who are not very highly qualified nor possess too much experience and that way they are able to get the work done in a fraction of the cost that they would pay a professional.

Work in this niche will be about making financial models and budget controls. It may also require a working knowledge of cash flows and break even points.

Information technology and support


This is also a fairly popular niche and is the best thing for students who are in the middle of their education and finishing up their technology degrees.

The fact of the matter is that anyone with a basic working knowledge of networking and computer hardware and software can easily work at this kind of a job very, very well. The job mostly requires a reliable and strong internet connection, necessary software that can help you gain access to the computer systems of all the other people on a particular network and the knowledge of different software and their needs.

The job mostly is about connecting to different users computers and helping them install software’s, figure out how to configure different hard ware and also teach them how to use different stuff on their computers.

Some people also hire technical support assistants to note down customer complaints in proper technical jargon to forward to resolution teams.

PowerPoint and presentations

Another common and popular niche in the virtual assistant area is that of a business report presentation and report making assistance.

This is where a person is generally required to have analytical skills and capabilities to draw conclusions from reading and looking at a significant amount of data.

In addition to this skill a person should have a working knowledge of PowerPoint and other presentation tools.

Knowing how to design and show data and significant facts about business or product sales pitches is very important as the person who hires a presentation assistant counts on the hired person to possess this skill which they may lack or not have the time to invest themselves in doing this job.

Cold Calling and Sales

This is also a popular niche that many people sign up for and can end up making a significant amount of money based on how many sales they are able to complete or how many leads they are able to generate successfully.

However, this niche requires a significant amount of work as well, especially the ability to call people and pitch different products to them.

Writing and editing:


This happens to be the oldest and the most saturated niche that is current available for virtual jobs and virtual assistants.

There is a very high demand for those who can write and edit original and high quality content for people all over the world. The internet is the biggest market place and in keeping with that it is very important that new content is constantly being introduced so that people can direct more and more traffic to their sites.

The writing and editing virtual assistant will be doing a significant amount of typing and creating of content on a daily basis.

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